Engineering Apprentice

British Aerobatic Academy is not only known for flying, but also for excellent maintenance organisation. Having a wide range of fleet as well as servicing a number of private aircraft at our facility in Fowlmere (Cambridgeshire) we’re very competitive at the market. This, in combination with great mentors, offers a great start to gain required experience in your careers as aviation maintainer.


  • Passion towards aviation
  • Interest in engineering
  • Willingness to undertake ambitious tasks
  • Higher level degree completed or in-progress are nice to have

What do we offer

  • Comprehensive salary package
  • Great mentorship program
  • Ability to gain required experience for an engineer license
  • World-class facilities at Fowlmere
  • Friendly and welcoming team

Join BAA Team

We look forward to knowing you closer and welcoming you to the BAA Team.

Apply online

    Apply by email

    If you prefer to apply by email, please send us your details along with CV to careers@britishaerobaticacademy.com. We’ll review your application and contact you about the outcome within 72 hrs.

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