Tailwheel Conversion & Training
Stick and rudder flying

We provide tail wheel conversion courses and tail wheel training to those looking to add it to their license or people that just want refresher training. Many people have landing incidents in tailwheel aircraft because they have not been taught to use the proper technique. We love aerobatics and feel it is very sad when enthusiastic pilots move away from the sport because, for no fault of their own, have lost confidence due to a “little whoopsie” which has probably lost them their no-claims discount also.



Totalling flights



Ground Pre-flight Theory/Briefing



Ground Post-flight Debriefing



Based on Cessna 140. Contact us to discuss details.

* Some students may require a little more time to reach our high standards. This is priced at:

  • Solo hire £130 per hour (Cessna 140)
  • Dual hire £150 per hour
  • Ground school additional to that detailed above – £60 per hour

Use of own aircraft – £100 per hour

Ground School

  • Aircraft systems
  • Tailwheel theory
  • Tailwheel taxiing technique
  • Tailwheel take off and landing techniques
  • Pre-flight briefings
  • Post flight briefings

Flight Exercises

  • Start-up, taxi (weaving) take off
  • Aircraft familiarisation, stalls, side-slips
  • Normal, crosswind, wheeler and short landings
  • Emergencies / PFL’s

  • Certificate of completion
  • Tailwheel sign off
  • Can be used as your bi-annual instructor trip
  • Authorisation to hire our Cessna 140 for solo hire

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