Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
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The aim of the commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) course is to train PPL(A) holders to the level of proficiency necessary for the issue of an EASA Commercial Pilot Licence but also train you with the necessary skills that will help you in your pilot career.



Minimum of dual flight instruction



Minimum of dual flight instruction under VFR



Instrument instruction

Course Information

We can deliver course at British Aerobatic Academy based in Cambridgeshire or in combination with ACS Flight Training, who are leading Commercial Flight Training Organisation in Scotland.

This page relate to offer by BAA with our world-class instructors. For a course based in Scotland, please contact ACS directly.

CPL Pre-requisites

  • 100 hours P1/PIC
  • 300nm solo Cross-country (with 2 stops other than point of departure) completed
  • Relevant ATPL Examinations passed
  • Night Rating
  • Valid Class 1 Medical


£6,890 or £4,290
(if IR already held)

For EASA training without IR, the course price is £7,030

Contact us to discuss details.

Pricing details

Fee includes:

  • All ground school and study aids.
  • 25 hours flight training
  • All Landings at Perth Airport
  • Airways and approach charges.

Course fee excludes:

  • Accommodation
  • Skills Test Fee
  • Additional training (if required)

Terms and conditions apply.

Price breakdown

CPL (if customer have IR) £4,290

  • £720 12h Ground School
  • £1,370 5hr Cessna 177 Cardinal
  • £,2200 10hr Cessna-152/Tomahowk


  • £15 landing fee
  • £40 per hour extra (for EASA)

CPL (if the customer do not have IR) £6,890 / £7,030 (EASA)

  • £720 12h Ground School
  • £1,370 5hr Cardinal
  • £2,600/2,740 10hr PA-28/Cessna 177 Cardinal
  • £2,200 10hr Cessna-152/Tomahawk


  • £15 landing fee
  • £40 per hour extra (for EASA)

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