Sportsman Aerobatic Course

The Sportsman (Sports) course continues from the Basic or Club course and provides everything you need to learn to compete at Sports level in BAeA competitions in the UK. If you have done both the Basic and the Sports course, you should be at a competitive standard and would be welcome to use our aircraft in UK aerobatic competitions.

*this course requires Basic course to be completed



Ground school and briefing






Required to complete



Price based on Extra 200. Exclusvie £10 per sortie landing fee.
Contact us to discuss details.

Additional Training

Sportsman Competition Training: £290 / 1 hr (plus £10 per sortie landing fee)
Formal ground-school: £60 per classroom session (presumes more than 1 student)

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction


  • Kinetic and potential energy
  • Energy management
  • Stalling and spinning – principles of flight


  • Aileron design and adverse yaw
  • P-factor and slipstream effects
  • Propeller gyroscopics
  • Weight, balance and inertia
  • G limitations


  • Use of parachutes. Aircraft abandonment


  • Notation for Standard aerobatic maneouvres
  • Aresti System (Condensed)


  • Height analysis
  • Sequence learning and preparation
  • Effects of headwind and crosswind on figures

Flight Exercises

  • Airmanship – Considerations as applicable to the flight exercise.
  • Basic Aerobatics – revision
    • Loops
    • Rolls using aileron
    • Stall turns
    • Half-Loop,
    • Half-Roll
  • Spins entered from level deceleration
  • Spins entered after a climbing 45° line
  • Precision spin recoveries including 1, 1¼ and 1½ turns.
  • Recoveries from mis-handled vertical lines, including inadvertent spins.
  • Torque and gyroscopics at low speed.
  • Combination of:
    • Half Barrel Roll up and Half Loop down
    • (Quarter Clover rolling upwards)
  • Precision Wingovers
    • (Lazy Eights)

Long briefings

  • Precision recoveries from intentional spins
  • Rotational changes during recovery
  • Effects of relative wind on recovery attitude
  • Climbing and descending at 45° attitudes
  • Flying vertical lines up and down
  • Effect of different trim settings
  • Difference between attitude and flight path
  • Hesitation Loops
  • (P-Loops, Q-Loops and Humpty-Bumps)
  • Figures combining part loops with half rolls.
  • Hesitation Rolls

Sportsman Aerobatic Manoeuvres

  • Half Cuban Eight (rolling on down line) entered from descending 45° line (Goldfish
  • Half Reverse Cuban Eight (rolling on up line)
  • Ditto followed by climbing 45° line
  • Half Roll and Half Loop down (Split-S)
  • Two-Point Roll
  • Four-Point Roll
  • Stall Turn with ¼ roll down
  • Hesitation Loops (P, Q and Humpty)

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