FI Night Rating
Best Night Rating course for Instructors

Flight Instructor with Night FI Rating can teach for night rating. Beforehand, he/she must hold a night rating and complete a qualified course demonstrating abilities to deliver high quality knowledge. With top-class instructors at British Aerobatic Academy, we’ll make sure to give you excellent experience.

Pre-Course Entry Requirements

The FI Night Rating course prerequisites are:

(a) hold at least the licence and the rating for which flight instruction is to be given

(b) be entitled to act as PIC on the aircraft during flight instruction

(c) hold a valid night rating

(d) hold an FI certificate

(e) complete FI Assesment of Competence (AoC)



+£15 per touch-n’-go and landing. Additional £10/hour when training for EASA license.

Course consists of 1 hour ground school and 3 hours flying.


Ground School

The course includes 1 hour of ground school, which will be completed with a dedicated and suitably rated FI.

Flight Training

3 hours of flight instruction, typically lessons taken from the Night Training syllabus that are required for proficient operations at night.

This will be completed in our amazingly equipped Piper PA-28, Cessna 152 or Grob 115B.

Privileges & Validity

Completion of this courses grants FI to give instruction at night including for the issue of the night rating

This rating remains valid as long as the FI certificate remains valid and there are no renewal and revalidation requirements.

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