Extra EA-200
Capable of every aerobatic maneouvre

Despite having a smaller engine than the EA-300, this is a great aircraft and probably the best trainer in the world.  We don’t even need to use full throttle. It is smaller and lighter than the 300 and is fully capable of flying to Advanced competition level. It has a rate of roll of 360 degrees per second and VNE of 212 knots and is certified for + or – 10G We are happy for our students to hire the aircraft for Aerobatic competitions.


EA-200 is ideal for

Aerobatic Training

UPRT training

Formation Flights

Aerobatic Championship

Tailwheel conversion

Joy rides

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£360 / 1h

£365/hr (formation)

Train in this aircraft with us or hire it to take your friends for the flight of their lives. All at highly competitive prices.

Price excludes landing fees (£15/operation) and touch & go fees (£10/operation).


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