Pre-military Training Course
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Being a Military Fast Jet Pilot is the dream of many, and yet the training is intense and the majority fail to complete the course. Our Pre Military Training Course will be hugely beneficial and will dramatically improve your chances of succeeding on the Military Fast Jet Training Course.

We are happy to customise the course to meet your individual budget and also to include English Language training if required.

The course is delivered by Ex RAF instructors, CAA approved examiners, Experienced Competition Aerobatic Pilots and Formation Display Pilots.



Grob 115B



Cessna 177RG



Extra 200



Cessna 140



Price includes examiners fees, excludes medial fees.
Accommodation can be provided at extra cost.
English language tuition can be provided at extra cost.

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47 hours in Grob 115B

  • Ex:  4    Effects of Controls(1&2)
  • Ex:  6    Straight & Level(1&2)
  • Ex:7 & 8 Climbing &Descending
  • Ex: 9 Turning(1 & 2)
  • Ex:1O Slow flight and Stalling
  • Ex:11 Spinning
  • Ex: 12 & 13 Circuits
  • Ex:14 Solo
  • Ex:15 Steep Turns
  • Ex: 16 & 17 PFL’s & Precautionary Landings
  • Ex:18 Navigation
  • Ex:18B Low Level Navigation with timing trombones & TOT
  • Ex: 19 Basic Instrument Flying
  • PPL Skills test
  • FRTOL (Radio) exam

13 hours in Extra

  • Loop, Half Cuban, Stall Turn, Roll, Humpty
  • Erect &Inverted Spin, Split S, Roll off Top
  • Hesitation Rolls, Quarter Clover
  • Flick Rolls, Rolling Circles
  • P Loops, Square Loops
  • Vertical Rolls, Outside Loops
  • Fly Club, Sports and Intermediate Sequences

5 hours in Extra

  • Join up, Emergency Break, Lead & No2
  • Echelon, Line Astern, Changing Position
  • Turning Join, Tail Chase
  • Formation Take Offs
  • Formation Loops

17 hours in C177RG

  • Rate 1 Turn, Unusual attitudes full panel
  • Unusual attitudes limited panel,
  • Compass Turns, Limited panel
  • VNAV & LNAV approaches
  • Precision & Non-Precision Approaches
  • SRA and ILS Approaches

5.5 hours in C140 Taildragger

  • Master the 1946 C140 taildragger
  • Short Field landings and Take-Offs
  • Landing on unprepared strips
  • Landing sloping fields,
  • Wheeler & Single main wheel Landings
  • Advanced PFL’s

126 hours

  • Train The Trainer element of the FI Course
  • Radio Practical Training
  • Students deliver critiqued technical briefs covering PPL Syllabus
  • 100 Hours Self Study
  • 9 PPL Exams
  • Advanced Theory
What will you get


  • Excellent Pilot skills
  • EASA Aerobatic rating
  • Aerobatics up to at least Intermediate

  • Complex Type Sign Off (Retractable and CSP)
  • Good Formation Skills
  • Tailwheel sign off
  • IR(R)

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