AirShows & Special Occasions
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Aerobatic Display

Adrian has a dynamic act that contrasts with the normal “Carbon Wonder Stunter” acts that can often resemble a Pigeon being shot. The display combines the technical excellence of competition flying with the fluidity and ever-changing flight that entertains the crowd.

The aircraft has remarkable performance and is back in its classic red and white livery. The smoke system looks spectacular.

Weddings & Events

We are able to offer the very best air display to make that special day more memorable and more special. Adrian has probably more hours flying Extra’s than anybody else in the world. He has a magnificent smoke system, more akin to the space shuttle and an aircraft capable of all known and many yet to be invented aerobatic figures.

We try to keep our charges as low as possible because airshows ultimately bring us more business. Our standard fee is £600 plus positioning costs. Positioning costs vary according to location but for a very large slice of the UK would be free.


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