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We have developed a fantastic course that is proving hugely successful and is designed to give normal GA pilots all the essential spin training and experience they need and is great fun. You don’t need to do gut-wrenching stuff. All are flown in Grob 115D or D2, side-by-side beautiful aircraft and can count as your biannual.

Flight Exercises:

  • Stalling revision
  • Stalling in the turn in and out of balance
  • Looking at causes of spins Angle of Attack and yaw caused by rudder or aileron
  • Recovery from incipient spins
  • Recovery from fully developed spins
  • Optionally loops and rolls

This training can be used as your bi-annual instructor trip and is normally delivered in one day.

Ground school in a form or pre- and post-flight briefing will be provided.


flying hours

In our Grob 115D or D2



Groundschool at Fowlmere Airfield


£ 540

Contact us to discuss details. Price is all-inclusive of landing fees.


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