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Only a qualified Flying Instructor is permitted to deliver ab-initio pilot training. After completing a training course and passing the assessment of competence your National CAA will issue an EASA FI(A) certificate with privileges restricted in accordance with Part FCL.910.FI.

The FI(R) is required to teach under the supervision of an unrestricted FI until sufficient experience is gained for the restriction to be removed.

Ground Training

The ground instruction includes 25 hours of teaching and learning and at least 100 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction. The theoretical knowledge subjects are taken from the PPL / LAPL syllabus. The subjects are:

  • Air Law
  • Aeroplane General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communications
  • Training Administration

During the course the student instructor will practice giving ground lessons to the FIC instructor.

Flight Training

You will receive at least 30 hours of flight instruction, 25 hours of dual flight instruction and 5 hours of dual or mutual flying, that is 2 student instructors flying together to practice flight demonstrations

The air exercises are taken from the  PPL(A) syllabus but with additions to cover the needs of the FI(A)

Assessment of Competence

After successfully completing the training, you will go forward to an independent Flying Instructor Examiner for an Assessment of Competence (AoC). This should be carried out within 6 months of completion of the training otherwise a refresher package is required.


£8,190 inc

Based on Grob 115B.
(Does not include pre-course assessment flight or AoC costs. Additional £300 when training for EASA license.)

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Pre-entry requirements


  • The candidate must pass a pre-entry assessment flight with a FIC instructor
  • Hold a EASA CPL(A) or PPL(A)
  • Have flown 5 hours as PIC in the 6 months preceding course start date
  • Trainees must be in possession of a valid EASA medical issued in accordance with Part-MED.
  • Meet the educational requirements listed below
  • Meet the general requirements listed below before applying for AoC

Minimum age

  • The minimum age to apply for an FI(A) rating is 18 years.

Educational requirements

  • If instructing for PPL, requires CPL/ATPL theory exams
  • If instructing for LAPL CPL/ATPL theory exams are not required.

General requirements

An applicant for an FI(A) Rating must produce logbook evidence of having met the following requirements:-

  • 200 hours total flight time
  • 150 hours PIC
  • 30 hours SEP (minimum)
  • 5 hours in the 6 months preceding course start date
  • Completed a 300nm qualifying cross-country
  • 10 hours IF (maximum 5 hours in a simulator)

Credits for previous experience

Candidates who have completed a CRI, IRI, or TRI course may be credited with the teaching and learning elements as detailed in FCL.915 (c). Any abbreviation of an approved course of training will be subject to prior approval of the Authority (SARG), approval must be given before training begins.

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