Hour building packages
Block rentals of PA-38 Tomahawk

We recognise that building your flight hours might be a significant investment when hiring an aircraft. Therefore, we offer special packages of block hours with 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 hours and attractive hourly rates, accordingly. The more you fly, the more cost-effective your hour building becomes.


Hour building packages with BAA

Aircraft for your usage

Insurance covered

Maintenance is provided

Feel like owner

Base at Fowlmere or different airfield

Fixed hourly rate

Prices from

£95 / 1h

Dry hour rate with a 100 hours package. Price does not include fuel, oil, landing/parking fees or booking fee (£20).

See below for detailed pricing.

Min hoursMax hoursDry price


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What is included in the price?

The price is a dry rate, inclusive of the aircraft, insurance and maintenance.

This price does not include Fuel, Oil, Parking, Landing Fees or any other fees payable by pilot during flights. Note there is a £20 booking fee for any block package purchase.

What is provided by British Aerobatic Academy?

We provide aircraft, maintained serviceable and insured; moreover we offer free parking of the aircraft at Fowlmere airfield and flexibility in bookings.

We can also provide checkout or training, as a separate service.

What are pilot's responsibilities?

You should treat the machine as if you would own it – look after the aircraft, pay all landing fees, approach fees, navigation charges etc plus fuel and oil.

You should also report all unserviceable items to us and bring it to Fowlmere Airfield for servicing and repairs (presuming it is airworthy to fly).

How long can I rent the aircraft for?

We don’t have minimum or maximum rental time. If you wish to take the aircraft for a period equal to or longer than 1 day, we would expect you to average 2.5 hours per day, weather permitting.
If weather makes this impractical then we can extend the booking or you can book again, all subject to availability.  We do not refund money for hours not used.

When can I fly?

You can fly at any time of your convenience. We offer online booking for the aircraft or you can rent the aircraft for a number of days (subject to minimum hours).

If weather makes this impractical then we can extend the booking or you can book again, all subject to availability.

Can I base aircraft at a different airfield?

Yes, you can basie aircraft at another airfield, however bear in mind Fowlmere Airfield they can base it at another airfield but we offer cheap fuel and free parking.

How long are the hours packages valid?

There is no time limit although if package prices rise then additional fees would become payable on hours not used within a reasonable period of time (3 months).

Can I hire additional equipment?

Yes, we’re happy to offer you:

  • headset hire £19.99 per week
  • oil purchase £12.50 per 1qt bottle (refundable if unused)
  • life jacket hire £9.99 per week
  • life raft hire £6 per day

If you need anything else, please get in touch with us.

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