Combined APS MCC & Advanced UPRT
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The British Aerobatic Academy has teamed up with VA Airline Training and Wings Alliance to offer a combined APS MCC & Advanced UPRT course.

To bring you this combined and complete solution, we work in training partnership with VA Airline Training (Cambridge) or Wings Alliance (Bristol) who will deliver your APS MCC – the choice is yours!


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What is the APS MCC?

Before becoming a fully qualified airline pilot, you must pass a multi-crew cooperation course, or MCC. This helps you adapt to operating a commercial plane with another pilot.

The APS, or Airline Pilot Standard, is the newest recognised MCC course, and considered to be the most thorough – with twice the number of hours as the basic MCC.

Find out more about the course on VA Airline Training or Wings Alliance.

UPRT course

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is designed to give pilots the skills to prevent and deal with serious events such as stalls and spins. Since December 2019 it has been mandatory for pilots to complete the Advanced UPRT before starting their type rating.

Here, at the British Aerobatic Academy, we have a fleet of high-quality aircraft and expert instructors, ideal for the UPRT course. The British Aerobatic Academy has been selected to run the Wings UPRT due to their unparalleled experience and reputation.

Find out more about Advanced UPRT course.

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APS MCC course price, including VAT.


What students are saying

I was greeted by Marta on arrival to Fowlmere with a happy atmosphere which set me up for a great day’s flying with Maciej in aircraft that were in good condition. The Adv UPRT was well taught by my knowledgeable and friendly instructor and they all can not do enough to make it as enjoyable as possible. Would definitely recommend.

Edward M.

I completed my Advanced UPRT at British Aerobatic Academy, I had a great time and loved the experience. The staff were very friendly and the training was excellent. I would definitely recommend this school.  

Lucy C.

Attended British Aerobatic Academy for aUPRT. A great school with excellent staff and instructors who kept things fun throughout – couldn’t recommend enough! 

Pedram M.

Amazing across the board. 

The best aircraft and instructors in the country. The people are super nice and welcoming and the customer service was great (the aircraft i was due to fly ran in to problems and I ended up with a massive upgrade at no.cost).

Murray B.

I had a really good experience. Probably the most enjoyable part of my training. Theory concise and engaging by Danielle, dispatched via Zoom in one day. The flying made enjoyable and challenging by some great and very experienced instructors (Maciej and Aiden for me). 

Can’t recommend BAA enough, cost effective and well run. Everyone is very approachable and Adrian (owner) is always on hand.

Charlie B.


APS MCC core skills, further developed by APURT as logical and progressive solution


Special price from £6,900 (inc VAT).


3 weeks total duration. including rest days

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