Basic (Club) Aerobatic Course
EASA Aerobatic Rating & AOPA certificate

This course is the EASA Aerobatic Rating Course and is also our Basic (Club) Course. During the course you will gain a solid foundation of aerobatics, you will be able to fly the Club Known sequence to competition standard and also be able to at least get round the Sports Known.



Ground school and briefing






Required to complete


£1,900 flying our Extra 200 inc. instructor

£2,100 flying our Extra 300 inc instructor

Plus £15 per sortie landing fee. Additional £10/hour when training for EASA license.

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  • Collision avoidance
  • Nuisance reduction
  • Navigation

Human Factors

  • Motion sickness
  • Orientation
  • The physiological effects of G and how to manage this safely
  • GLOC and how to guard against it

Engine & Airframe

  • Knowledge of limitations & safety aspects
  • Pre-flight procedures
  • The different operating practices that are recommended with aerobatic aircraft

Competition Craft

  • An understanding of the competition box
  • Competition rules for Beginner Comps
  • Entering the exiting the box
  • An understanding of the judging criteria for the beginners sequence and selected figures from the Standard sequence.
  • The ability to compete at Beginners level at a BAeA event.

Handling Skills

  • Recovery from a loss of control, including:
    • Power off and power on normal and high speed stalls with and without bank
    • Power off, erect spins (non-precision recoveries)
    • Power on tail slides
  • Recovery from Unusual Attitudes
  • Wing rocks
  • Slow flight – Level, climbing, turning & descending
  • Advanced steep turns
  • 45 lines
  • Loops
  • Ballistic Roll
  • Aileron Roll
  • Half Cuban
  • Barrel Roll*
  • Stall Turn
  • Half Roll off the top of a Loop
  • Quarter Clover, rolling upwards*
  • Fly BAeA Beginner Sequence

* May be skipped in favour of more focus in other areas (in keeping with changes to BAeA sequence guidelines).

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