Piper PA-28-181
Archer III fully equipped for IFR

Recently upgraded avionics now includes a Garmin GN650 Nav/Com/GPS along with a second 8.33 radio in the form of an KN165A. G-JACS is fitted with an S-TEC55 two axis auto-pilot and has separate switches for auto-pilot and electric trim on co-pilot’s side.
The aircraft also has a slaved compass system (HSI) and like most Archers, nav coupler from GPS, dual altimeters, mode S transponder, 4-seat intercom, standby vacuum, vent fan, leather interior, life raft, 4 life vests, PLB, Handheld VHF with headset adapter and 2 headsets.


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£230 / 1h

£245 dual/night; £265 IFR

Train in this aircraft with us or hire it to take your friends. Price does not include landing fee at Fowlmere Airfield (£15).


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