Intermediate Aerobatic Course

The Intermediate course continues from the Sports or Basic course and provides everything you need to learn to compete at Intermediate level in BAeA competitions in the UK.



Ground school and briefing






Required to complete



Based on Extra 300 aircraft, but can be flown also on Extra 200.
Exclusive £10 per sortie landing fee. Contact us to discuss details.

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction


  • Inverted flight
    • inverted turns
    • steep turns.
    • Inverted wing rocks
  • Segments of inverted loops.
  • Inverted stalling
  • Precision recoveries from intentional inverted spins
    • Rotational changes during recovery
    • Effects of relative wind on recovery attitude
  • Positive flick rolls:
    • level
    • 45° descending)
    • Entry speeds and unloading
    • Half flicks
  • Inside & Outside Rolling circles
  • Advanced loops:
    • square
    • rolling
    • avalanche
  • Rolling in the vertical:
    • up and down
    • Zero G
    • Elevator neutral point
    • Lack of adverse yaw at Zero G


  • Notation for Intermediate aerobatic maneouvres
  • Aresti System (Condensed)


  • Sequence design
  • Free Known

Intermediate Aerobatic Manoeuvres

  • Straight and level inverted flight
  • Inverted turns
  • Inverted steep turns (60° of bank)
  • Recovery form inverted spiral dive
  • Inverted stall from level deceleration
  • Inverted spins entered from level inverted
  • Non-precision recovery
  • Precision spin recoveries including 1 and 1½ turns.
  • Low speed inverted flight
  • half square loop
  • Pushing at low speed slipstream + gyro + torque!!
  • Outside looping segments, 45° segments, up and down
  • Outside looping segments, half loop up
  • Outside looping segments, stall turn, push out
  • Flick rolls:
    • entry speeds
    • unloading
    • effects of aileron
    • stopping after ½
  • Rolling turns: inside
    • optimum speeds
    • flat turning aspects
    • spatial orientation
    • rhythm
  • Rolling turns: outside
    • differences from inside
  • Vertical rolling, up and down

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