Advanced UPRT Instructor Course
In accordance with FCL.915.E

We have years of experience teaching aerobatics, teaching Flying Instructors and teaching and qualifying Aerobatic Instructors.  We are fully certified to teach the Adv UPRT instructor course and to date have trained perhaps more than any other ATO in Europe.

The Advanced UPRT course demands various qualities from the instructor, most important being a capable safety pilot. The Adv UPRT course requires a depth of knowledge and a range of handling skills in the instructor beyond that required for many other scenarios. We are perfectly equipped to ensure that instructor who graduate from our course have these skills. If necessary we will mandate extra training to ensure this is the case.

Prior to starting the Adv UPRT Instructor course, you will do an assessment flight with a senior and very experienced instructor. This allows us to recommend any pre-course training and to customise the course to ensure the focus addresses the required areas. EASA mandates an aerobatic rating or similar experience. Our Aerobatic rating course probably provides 5 times the aerobatics experience than would be gained flying the same course in a Cessna Aerobat, we therefore recommend, if you have not already got an aerobatic rating, doing the course with us. We do not Gold Plate the standards required but we do ensure anybody gaining their Adv UPRT Instructors certificate with us is completely safe and highly capable.

We work with our student instructors to ensure they get the most out of the course. Following the EASA mandated assessment flight, we will discuss your relevant flying experience and what might be required on the course or prior to the course starting.

Adv UPRT Instructors teaching for the FCL 745a course require to be  qualified in accordance with FCL.915(e):

  • Complete a UPRT instructor training course at an ATO
  • Be issued with a course completion certificate
  • Your Log book will be  endorsed by the Head of Training  on completion of the course, qualifying you to teach for the Adv UPRT FCL.745.A qualification



Contact us to discuss details. Price excludes approx. 40 mins pre-course assessment flight (rated at £360/hr) and landing fees.

Additional £10/hour when training for EASA license.

Prior to completing the UPRT instructor course the instructor must:

  • Be a Flying Instructor
  • Have at least 500 hours of flight time as pilot of aeroplanes
  • Including 200 hours of flight instruction
  • Have Aerobatic rating or equivalent
  • Have completed a pre-course assessment

7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction:

  • All elements contained in the advanced UPRT course
  • Additional Instructor Specific Theoretical Knowledge:
    • Completion of a flight risk assessment
    • Resilience building strategies – managing startle and surprise
    • How to best build resilience
    • How to introduce startle and surprise effectively and safely
    • How to manage startle and surprise events
    • The limitations and type specific characteristics of the aircraft used for training
    • The importance of adhering to scenarios that have been validated by the training program developer
    • Instructor techniques to induce and manage startle and surprise
    • Upset recognition and recovery strategies
    • Disorientation
      • Understanding disorientation
      • Factors contributing to disorientation
      • Techniques for avoidance of disorientation
      • Techniques for remedying disorientation
      • Understanding weather limitations specific to Adv UPRT
    • Distraction
      • Understand the significance of distraction
      • Understand snowballing effect of distraction on conduct of Adv UPRT exercises
      • Understand best practice for avoiding distraction
      • Understand safety margins necessary to mitigate effects of distraction
    • Immediate recognition of student pilot errors
    • Ensure students understand task and sequence of actions
    • Understand what the instructor should be expecting in each scenario
    • Identify were student responds incorrectly
    • Understand common errors
    • Understand conditions that encourage errors
    • Understand significance of timely intervention
    • Intervention strategies
      • Understand safety margins
      • Anticipate developing situation
      • Understand safety pilot role
      • Recognise different intervention options
      • Understand safety implications
      • Understand best teaching solution
    • Delivery of theoretical knowledge instruction of the advanced UPRT course

The course includes 4 hours of dual flying instruction and also an approx. 40 mins pre-course assessment flight (not included in the cost)

  • Flight instruction on the exercises used in the advanced UPRT course
  • Flight instruction on recovery from upsets that could result from students’ mis-handling the aircraft during the advanced UPRT course including spin recovery
  • Contents tailored to the competence of the applicant as demonstrated during both pre-course and continuous assessment.
  • Demonstrate the resilience to be able to recover from any feasible upset in the aircraft used for training.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide instruction to achieve the objectives of the advanced UPRT course to a wide range of trainees
  • Manage the physiological and psychological well-being of students during training

Refresher Training for UPRT Instructional Privileges

Advanced UPRT instructors require refresher training each year at an appropriately certified ATO. The competence required to instruct on the Advanced UPRT course should be assessed to the satisfaction of the Head of Training.

Cost £500

(unless further training is required)

The objective of the refresher training is for the instructor to maintain or re-obtain, as applicable, the level of competence required for instructing on the advanced UPRT course

The content of the refresher training includes:

  • Elements from the initial UPRT instructor training course
  • As determined by the ATO on a case by case basis, considering the needs of the individual instructor and considering the following factors:
    • The experience of the instructor
    • The amount of time elapsed since the instructor provided training on an advanced UPRT course.
    • The performance of the instructor during a simulated UPRT training session

On completion of the refresher training, the instructor’s log book  will be signed by the HT of the ATO.

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