Genevation GenPro
The Game-changer, simply the best

British Aerobatic Academy is the exclusive dealer for GenPro aircraft.
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Designed to be the best

An aerobatic aircraft for those who are not satisfied with “good enough”.

Utilises the most modern materials and latest design to give you an unfair advantage

Very sophisticated aerodynamics deliver unbelievable snap roll performance and a stalling speed of just 44 knots.

The aircraft is bigger than the 330SC and presents very well to the judges

The cockpit is comfortable even for large pilots.

Huge strength while maintaining a lightweight structure has been achievable thanks to the latest computer aided design techniques and thorough testing with strain gauges.


Technical Data

Length:6908 mm/22,66 ft
Height:2590 mm/8.5 ft
Span without winglet:7560 mm/24,80 ft
Span with winglet:7994 mm/26,23 ft
Wing area without winglet:10,45 m2/ 112,48 ft2
Wing area with winglet:10.8 m2/116.25 ft2
Load:+/-10 g
Engine:Lycoming AEIO-580
Propeller:4-blade MTV-14-B-C/C190-130, or 3-blade MT® V-9-B-C/C203-25, or HARTZELL HC-C3YR4NX/NC8302-7x
Weight:560-628 kg depending on the configuration
VA -maneuvering speed:174 knots (322 km/h)
VN0 - Maximum cruising speed:205 knots (380 km/h)
VNE - Maximum permissible speed:228 knots (423 km/h)
VS - Stall speed:49 knots (90 km/h)

Reliability, Quality, Flexiblity

The seat is formed to your shape, and has more than 50 positions to ensure a perfect position

The cockpit is custom made to reflect your preferences

The cabin vents have been optimised to deliver optimal cooling in the hottest climates

We offer the choice of big screen Garmin G3X or more conventional round dials with G5

Comes with ample luggage space for travelling to the next world championships

Custom stick to ensure a perfect fit

World class standard of paint finish accommodating your ideal livery


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