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The British Aerobatic Academy can train you from the first time you sit in the pilots seat of an aircraft to unlimited international competition aerobatics. We provide the mainstay of competitors in the UK.  55% of our students are international, coming from all over the world to train as national and international aerobatic competitors. We live, eat and breathe flying. Many of our students choose to spend their time between flights chatting over coffee in our relaxed cafe. We have a wide range of world class expertise that we use for critiqued sessions and training camps. Adrian Willis is our chief instructor, currently competing at Advanced level in Britain and having well over 6,000 hours on Extra aircraft. We teach competition aerobatics at all levels, display flying and formation training.
We are a CAA and EASA audited ATO and will remain an EASA ATO beyond 31st December 2020 so that our students will always be able to  gain EASA licences and qualifications


We are EASA compliant

We will remain a fully qualified and accredited EASA certified ATO and all courses undertaken with us now and into the future, will continue to be fully EASA certified.

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We run airline and business jet focused upset recovery courses helping to give pilots the skill to recognise and recover from unusual attitudes. From 20 December 2019, commercial pilots must have attended and passed such a course before starting their first type rating.

This course is FCL.745.A compliant.

We run a variety of aerobatic training courses and are happy to customise them to meet individual requirements. Many of the courses exceed the AOPA course syllabus and qualify for the AOPA Certificate.

All graduates of our courses qualify for a British Aerobatic Academy Certificate of competence.

We teach all types of basic trainings required in every pilot’s journey. From LAPL and PPL to CPL, including IR on Cessna 177RG. We are also experienced in formation and bush flying and can provide a Type Rating for variety of aircraft.

With us you’re are guaranteed to complete your course on time and in professional manner.

We have years of experience teaching aerobatics, FI training and Aerobatic Instructor training.  We are fully certified to teach not only Adv UPRT instructors, but also other types.

This course is FCL.915.E compliant.

Choose from a range of other courses that we offer at British Aerobatic Academy to improve your flying skills and get new qualifications.

These courses will compile your other skills and give you all required knowledge to pursue your aviation career.

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Video of our aircraft and pilots

Modern fleet

Diverse fleet allowing to choose aircraft that suits your needs

Word-class instructors

Best in-class instructors with unique experience in teaching

Expertise knowledge

Thousands of hours flown on many types of aircraft

1hr from London

Only 1 hour drive or train from London to be at the airport

Gift vouchers

Give a gift of flying to your friends or family

British Champions

Our students win many prizes and high-rank places in competitions

Genevation GenPro
Exclusive dealer

Meet the new Genevation GenPro aircraft. It is a true game-changer in aviation world, leaving competitors behind.
We are the UK-exclusive dealers of this aircraft and will be more than happy to invite you for a test flight!

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Meet our fleet

Extra 200

Capable of every aerobatic maneouvre in the book and many that are not

Extra 300

Training that demands the greater gyroscopic capability

Genevation GenPro

New class in aerobatic world, 330HP and impressive aerobatic capability

Grob 115B

Basic training and more

Grob 115D2

Best aircraft for UPRT training

Cessna 140

“As new” condition for tail-wheel training

Cessna 177RG

VP prop and retractable undercarriage

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