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If you’re looking for hour building, cross-country or aerobatic practice then we would be delighted to help.
Our highly competitive prices are listed below.


Adv UPRT course£1,290
Adv UPRT Inst course£2,250
FI course£8,190 (+ fuel surcharge based on aircraft)
CRI course£1,700
PPL course Grob 115B£8,325
PPL course C140£7,875
Night Rating (C152/PA28/Grob 115)£1,000
Aerobatic Rating (Basic) course£1,600
Sportsman Aerobatic Course£2,500
Intermediate Aerobatic Course£3,300
Advanced Aerobatic course£3,300
CB IR£9,800
CB IR (per hour)£250
ME IR£13,040
Multi Engine course£3,420
Aerobatics Ground School£100
Formal Ground School (more than 1 student)£60

Aircraft Hire

Extra 300£400 (+ £26 fuel surcharge)
Extra 200£310 (+ £19.50 fuel surcharge)
Genevation GenPro£400
Cessna 177RG£225 (£270 for IFR; + £19.50 fuel surcharge)
Cessna 140£175 (+ £8 fuel surcharge)
Cessna 152£175 (+ £13 fuel surcharge)
Cessna 310R£500 (+ £50 fuel surcharge)
Grob 115B£185 (+ £16 fuel surcharge)
Grob 115D2£215 (+ £16 fuel surcharge)
Piper PA-28£205 (£220 dual; £250 for IFR; + £16 fuel surcharge)
Piper PA-32£250 (£275 dual; + £15 fuel surcharge)
Failchild Argus£245 (+ £16 fuel surcharge)
Landing Fee (per sortie)£10
Night landing/touch & go (additional fee)£10
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