Spinning Part 5, Advanced Fractions

Adrian Willis
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One and a Quarter and One and Three Quarter Turn Spins

When spinning, the trajectory is not vertically down but forward and down. This makes 1/4 and 3/4 fractions of spins more complicated because the heavy nose follows the trajectory after recovery causing, in a left spin, the right wing to be high and for a right spin the left wing will be high.

The aim, on spin recovery, is to draw a perfectly vertical line before coming level. If recovery after 1 turn, the wings should be perfectly level so the only effort required is to ensure it is exactly vertical in pitch.  If it is a 1 1/4 or 1 3/4 turn spin to the left, because the trajectory is going to cause the heavy nose to swing through to the right causing the right wing to be high, you will need opposite rudder (right) to recover followed by left rudder to get the wings level again.  This is quite demanding to master smoothly.  Of course if you were in a right hand spin then you would use opposite rudder (left) followed by right rudder to get the wings level.

With practice you will find keeping in-spin rudder in until very late will take out a lot of the wing high error. The following recovery action works best for spins that are 1&1/4 or 1 &3/4 turns:

Full Power and almost full forward stick until the aircraft is pointing vertically down, in most cases almost no opposite rudder is required

Neutralise rudder on heading

Pull level at a suitable speed for the next figure.

Obviously this unconventional recovery technique needs some practice to perfect and the exact balance will vary from one aircraft type to another. It should be noted that it may not work at all in some aircraft types so should be practiced at height first!

If you would like spin training or advanced spin training; book some lessons with British Aerobatic Academy tel 0771 2864413 Adrian.Willis@BritishAerobaticAcademy.com

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