Extra 200 Start Procedure

Adrian Willis
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This is a quick guide to the startup and line up checks for the Extra 200. Learning these checks will help when converting to the Extra.

Pre-Start Procedure (cold)

  • Canopy closed and locked
  • Harness tight
  • Headset on
  • Flight Controls – Check Full and Free Movement
  • Fuel to Centre tank (horizontal)
  • Propeller Fully Fine (Pushed in)
  • Mixture Rich (Pushed in)
  • Throttle Fully Forward
  • Master Switch On
  • Booster Pump On – Until Fuel Flow Needle Move to 5.5 mph
  • Throttle Fully Back then open to 1,000 rpm position
  • Mixture Fully Lean (Fully Back)

Starting Procedure

  • Check Clear and Call “Clear Prop”
  • Whilst pressing the brakes with the stick held back:
    • Turn Key
    • Push the mixture fully forward (when Engine Starts)
    • Bring the throttle back to 1000 RPM
    • Pull the Mixture 2cm back (to stop the plugs Fowling)
    • Change to  Wing Tanks (vertical)

Power Checks

  • Set 1500 rpm with the throttle
  • Cycle the propeller 3 Times
  • Check Magnetos (below 150 rpm and within 75 rpm of each other) If the mag drop is near limits, set 1,800 rpm mixture rich and try again
  • Fuel to Centre Tank (Horizontal)
  • Throttle to idle
  • Check Flight Controls
  • Set 1000 rpm

Line Up Checks

  • Propeller Fine
  • Mixture Rich
  • Booster Pump on
  • Check Fuel is Set to Centre Tank
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