New Years Resolutions and Aerobatics

Adrian Willis
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What’s your New years resolution? Traditionally the beginning of the New Year calls for strengthening ones resolve to get things done. Aerobatics of course requires commitment and application and therefore needs this resolve. I urge everybody to reorganise their priorities and do it, the only real thing in life is making memories!

I used to take young Airmen and Airwomen sailing as part of the Joint Services Sail Training organisation. Public money was spent doing this because it was deemed to be a valuable character building experience. Timid under confident airmen departed port and transformed, strong and happy characters returned just 2 weeks later. Each person had been mentally and physically stretched and they were all surprised by their own abilities and their confidence grew immeasurably. Pilots and Aerobatics are of course different to airmen and sailing but share some similarities. We are not in the military, you have to be self motivating, but the rewards are enormous.

The key to success is well structured training, with a good trainer. Life is too short and aerobatics too expensive to try to learn everything the hard way. We would love to discuss your aspirations with you and put together some structured training to help you achieve your goals for 2016. Do not be anxious that your goals are too modest or too grand. Also remember we have all sorts of pilots training with us from pre PPL (only 2 weeks ago we had a very good student who was only part way through his PPL course) to pilots who are already ranked in the top few in the world. We also have pilots doing A levels and some in their early 80’s

Make contact, book a course, organise some training and make 2016 a year for achieving goals.

Wishing you all the very best for 2016!

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